Day 7 / One Week

Sorry for the late post, was a busy day :o)

So yeah today way actually a really great day, I woke up with a burst of motivation and just felt like doing it!

I already have the 450 job save but that’s not it for me right now, I nitpicked every single (better paying) job I could find today, wrote it all down and tommorow I’m gonna go on an insane application spree :3

After this one week in a different ‘mindset’ I actually start to feel so much better!

I’m still smoking, cause it will be one of the last problems I’m going to tackle, but apart from that everything is working just fine!

  • Saying no to alcohol
  • Getting more and more out of my shell actually getting involved with friends way more often
  • Job hunt just works
  • Started to jog (not everyday but the will counts)

Oh and I found another guy online who’s actually in kind of the same situation as me

He’s my motivation now and I’m his, that’s just great!

One week and (for me) a lot happened, starting to feel the future hype :))


Weekend Recap (Day 4 to 6)

Hello everyone 🙂

Sorry there weren’t any posts the last days, but eh weekend is never that eventful, right?

Friday’s jobhunt didn’t go down as expected, they only offered me some Helper jobs that don’t pay out that well, but 450 is still better than nothing so I’ll be restocking supplies,starting monday in a week,until I find something better.

Saturday and today weren’t that special.

I was hanging with a short set of friends and we were playing videogames and that’s about it.

Everything is starting to get better 🙂

I can feel myself shrugging off lazyness and procrastination, the finish might still seem unreachable as of now, but at least I’m not idling before the starting line anymore 🙂