Day 3 (Finally some good news)

Yay, I’m almost recovered!

Today I could finally move again 😀

I got out, and took a big walk at first and boy, that was a relief!

I even found someone to talk with for a while!

I felt so trapped sitting at home all day, most of you can probably relate.

Afterwards I started a game project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ll try to actually finish a project this time instead of starting something new all the time.

My friends asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with them but I stood strong and said no.

My thinking apparatus is waking up from a long long sleep it seems.

Tommorow the job hunt begins and let’s see where that takes me 🙂


Day 2

This is so typical for me,

everytime I try to build up at least a little something, something gets in the way 

It’s like I’m being put on a constant trial testing my durability.

The mind is strong but the body is weak 😀

Went to college,  got depressed

Got a well paying job, broke my leg

Have the motivation to start again, BOOOM have a flu!

But eh, it could always be worse, I won’t keep my head low, wish myself a healthy bless you and even tho I’m laying in bed I can perfectly use that time to write more job applications (;

Sure this didn’t start the way I intended to buuut it’ll be good.

At least the flu greatly prevents me from smoking so that’s already a plus!

Day 1

So today didn’t go down as expected. 

My plan  was to wake up soon, go to the so called ‘Arbeitsamt’ to look for a job and stuff.

But I woke up with a massive cold and didn’t feel like moving a muscle ;(

I know I know it’s a poor excuse for being lazy but I really couldn’t stand up.

But instead of crashing on the couch all day I decided to pick up my hobby of drawing.

I drew a duck, I wanted to upload it but it took too long, sorry.

I hope I’ll be better tomorrow, and at least I wrote one (!!) application today.

Better days are coming, I can feel it 🙂

Let’s hope for a better tommorow and yeah it’ll be good :3


Who I am and what I will/want to achieve in a single year!

Hello everyone 🙂

My name is Steve, I’m currently 23 years old and my live isn’t going the way I expected it to.

I am a NEET, in bad shape, I smoke a lot and I have a little alcohol issue.

16 cigs so far today a four beers.

And I want to change that, change isn’t a thing of some seconds, change happens overtime.

My Goals Are

  • Getting a good job
  • Quitting smoking
  • To get back into shape
  • Overcoming my social anxiety
  • Reaching Freedom

    So that’s why I created this blog!

    I want to share my personal achievement s with the world and maybe YOU want to join and support me on my journey.

    So stay tuned, things are going to change! 🙂